Live interview with Sophie Papougnot

19 Oct


Vendredi 11 septembre, les élèves de 3ème inscrits en Parcours Langue Anglais ont réalisé une interview en direct par visioconférence de Sophie Papougnot.
Voici l’article qu’ils ont ensuite rédigé :

Sophie’s extraordinary performance
How her dream became a reality…

Sophie Papougnot is a French born swimmer. She started swimming at the age of 5, she used to live in Tahiti and since she had no school in the afternoon, she swam a lot. Her dream was always to swim across the English Channel. Sophie has lived in Deal, near Dover, for 28 years and she teaches French. Her husband is Patrick and they have three daughters.
sophie-papougnotShe started her training eight months before crossing the Channel. She had to swim six hours without stopping. She trained in Dover Harbour and in a swimming pool. She swam across the English Channel in 15 hours and 50 minutes on 3rd September 2003. For Sophie, it was a great, brilliant and fantastic experience but also « hell » because it was so difficult.

« I admire Sophie so much, she is a strong woman. » LK
« Swimming across the English Channel must be hard but in the end it must be a big satisfaction. » MH
« I think Sophie really had the courage to do that. » M LP
« I think Sophie is a fighter ! » L LB
« In my view Sophie was very brave to swim across the English Channel. » ET
« I find Sophie’s performance very impressive. » AB
« To my mind Sophie is a little crazy but so courageous. » JG

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